Video/Sound recordings

Angel Early Music commissioned a series of short video or sound recordings that could be put together at home by artists locked down by the Covid-19 pandemic. They are listed below with the most recent at the top. To access further recordings as they are released, sign up to our mailing list or subscribe free to our YouTube channel. Our privacy notice is here.

Harry Buckoke - Manchester Gamba Book

Harry presents an introduction to one of the most important collections of Lyra Viol repertoire, including performances in several different tunings from popular songs to formal dances and imported Italian influence. Click here

Ensemble Échos - Five O'Clock Baroque

The final concert  from Ensemble Échos features a work by Telemann, his 'Paris' Quartet in A major TWV 43:A1. Click here

The second concert in this mini-series features J. S. Bach's 'Organ Trio' BWV 525. This is a transcription for flute, violin and continuo of the trio for organ. It is thought that this trio began its life as an instrumental work before Bach reworked it for organ for his son, Wilhelm Friedmann. Click here

The first in a mini-series of three short concerts airing at 5pm on Sundays, the first coincides with the day of the patron saint of music, St Cecilia. It features a work by Handel: Trio Sonata in B minor HWV 386 for flute, violin and continuo. Click here

Aileen Henry - Italian Baroque harp

Aileen Henry explains the origins of the Italian baroque harp and how it is played. She demonstrates the instrument with performances of works by Neapolitan composer Ascanio Mayone, who worked in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. Click here

The Gesualdo Six - Hosanna to the Son of David

The Gesualdo Six directed by Owain Park collaborate with the Sixth Form Choristers of Truro Cathedral Choir in this uplifting anthem by Orlando Gibbons. Click here 

Melismata - Musick for a While

Emily Owen and James Bramley perform a mixed programme of songs for voice and lute or theorbo by Campion, Purcell and Bennett. Click here

Helen Herbert - From the 'Divine' to the Ridiculous

Helen examines the portrayal of the recorder in the Renaissance through references to treatises, publications and iconographic evidence, with stunning playing of the music of Jacob van Eyck and that most prolific of composers, Anon. Was the Renaissance the golden age of recorder playing? Is its modern status as a "training" instrument justified? Helen uses the sources to paint a complex picture. Click here

Tamsin Lewis - They that in ships to the sea down go

Music, words and song to mark the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower. In 1620 a ship named the Mayflower left England for the New World. This much is well known. What is perhaps less well known is that some of the passengers carried music books and instruments with them. This talk aims to recreate the world of those on board ship. There are psalms, lute songs and ballads, all taken from books believed to have been in the library of Elder William Brewster. Also music for mariners and merchants; and songs describing tobacco and other wonders of the New World. Includes works by Richard Allison, Thomas Campion, John Dowland and Tobias Hume. Click here

You can hear more music from the Mayflower on Passamezzo's CD "They that in Ships unto the Sea down go" from Resonus Classics. Sheet music is available from Rondo Publishing.

Ibrahim Aziz - The Music of Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe Le Pere

A short film about the famous but mysterious 17th century musician, inventor of the 7-string viola da gamba and teacher of the great violist and composer, Marin Marais (1656 - 1728). Click here.

Passamezzo - Lord have mercy upon us

Tamsin Lewis gives an illustrated talk on music associated with the plagues that occurred in Tudor and Stuart England. Broadside ballads, hymns, psalms, prayers, theatre songs and a round. The talk has many visual and musical illustrations and gives a real flavour of what life must have been like in earlier "plague" times. Click here.

Ceruleo - Burying the Dead Episode 1

Go behind the scenes to understand what goes into making a staged show about Purcell's last months. Click here. To get the remaining episodes as they are released and which are Arts Council backed, please subscribe to the Ceruleo YouTube channel here.

Spiritato! - Birds, bugs and other beasts

A short, rather charming film, aimed at children with the music of Biber. It is hoped that this will become a larger project for the Brighton Early Music Festival. Click here.

Fieri Consort - Marenzio

Fieri Consort presents a lecture-recital exploring the life and work of 16th-Century Italian composer Luca Marenzio. Learn about Marenzio's life and work, and hear live performances of works by him and his contemporaries. Click here. Translations are here.

Halcyon Harp and Lute Duo

Aileen Henry (Baroque Harp) and Toby Carr (Theorbo) play 17th century Italian music by Castaldi, Piccinini and Mayone. Click here. The programme is here.   

Part 2 of their concert is here. The programme is here.

Tobias Hume

Alison Kinder explores  the travels and solo viol lyra-style music of Tobias Hume, soldier and mercenary, including discussion of his spat with John Dowland. Click here.

Lute Roadshow

Lynda Sayce demonstrates the development of the lute from the oud to the earliest theorbo using her extensive collection of instruments. She includes four-part music for different sizes of lute as well as a number of solo pieces. Click here.

Handel and the Oratorio

Edmund Saddington discusses the development of the oratorio with live aria recordings as examples of Handel's output in the form. Click here.

Marian Consort - Sebastianist music in Portugal

Rory McCleery shares the background to some of the fabulous music of the Portuguese Renaissance in this podcast. To listen, click here.

Consort Music Minus One

Viol player and teacher David Hatcher's recorded tracks allow you to play consort music at home on your own. Click here for details.

Sample tracks can be accessed through David's website which is here.

O Solitude - Helen Charlston 

Mezzo-soprano Helen Charlston explores distance and isolation through the music of Purcell, Strozzi, Bach, Monteverdi and Handel. Click here

The programme for Helen's recital is here.

Vivaldi - Lucy Cox

Soprano Lucy Cox explains the background to Vivaldi's motet for solo soprano "Nulla in mundo pax sincera" followed by a performance she gave with Ensemble Fasarinen. Click here.